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Touching Darkness (Midnighters Book 2) by Scott Westerfeld


This answered many questions untouched in the first book:  what’s so special about Bixby, Oklahoma?  Why are there five “midnighters” in this little town when, statistically, that’s way too many?  Why are the midnighters all about fifteen years old? 

Human collaborators try to capture Rex, the Seer, to combine him with one of the darklings to make a “halfling.” Melissa and Rex become a couple. Jessica tries to deal with her troubled younger sister.  A creepy midnighter shows up: an old woman from the first, wiped-out generation. 

The weakest part of the book is the darklings themselves:  these are primeval creatures that have no language and no technology and were actually driven into the secret 25th hour by the advances of the world. Therefore, the only humans they can prey upon are the midnighters themselves who seem to fight back quite competently. Even so, it’s a fun read.3starGood09