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2006 was not the best year for movies. There were some good ones, but I (J.) would find it hard to say that there was anything that was truly inspiring. Below is the list of movies that were released in 2006 that we saw either in the theater or on DVD, along with a star rating and a very short opinion on the movie itself. Enjoy!!!


The Movies of 2006

The Movies of 2006

Underworld: Evolution

Can't say much, as I'm still watching it. It does not seem to be as good as the first one though
So far, only two stars!

Brokeback Mountain

Excellent movie about forbidden love and loss. Was surprised it didn't take home best picture
Four stars!

V for Vendetta

Not as well-regarded as it should have been, in my opinion. Natalie Portman gives a knockout
performance in this role of a revolutionary in a fascist alternative UK.
Three stars

Thank You For Smoking

Funny movie about the moral dilemmia of selling something you don't believe in.
It really made you wonder how people do it sometimes
Three stars

Inside Man

A watchable but somewhat snarky movie about the secretes behind a heist gone wrong
Jodie Foster is good in it, but she's done much better
Two stars

Mission Impossible III

Action-packed and fun, the franchise was brought down to earth by the actions of its star
The best MI movie though, by far.
Three stars


Silly version of the famous 70s disaster movie.
It's always enjoyable seeing Kurt Russell again in just about anything. Awesome special effects too.
Three stars

The Da Vinci Code

Much better than it appeared it was going to be. Reviewers called it boring, but I was interested
throughout the entire movie. Tom Hanks did a good job in it.
Three stars

Over The Hedge

Hilarious animated version of the comic strip. High energy and a lot of fun for kids and adults
Three stars

X-Men: The Last Stand

Excellent way to end the series, did not see some of the twists in the plot.
My guess is that they will find a way to make a fourth movie
Three stars

Nacho Libre

Extremely slight movie about a man who's fondest wish is to be a Mexican wrestler
Not funny in many spots, almost uncomfortable to watch at times with the stereotypes flying by.
Two stars

The Lake House

Boring version of a Korean movie about time-traveling AND star-crossed lovers
I'm still trying to get through it, but so far just two stars.

Superman Returns

Incredible comeback for the Man of Steel.
Although many thought it was TOO reverential of the earlier movies, I thought it struck a perfect
balance between being a homage to the old movies and developing the character even more
Four stars

The Devil Wears Prada

Funny movie about trying to make it in the high-stress fashion world
Anne Hathaway is going to be a Julia Roberts-like star, mark my word
Three stars

Pirates of the Caribbean: DMC

A fun movie, but a bit overblown for its own good.
Everyone plays their role well, but it may have become overkill after this one. Three stars

Little Miss Sunshine

Funny story of a dysfunctional family and their adventures while trying to make it to a beauty
Three stars

Snakes on a Plane

Way overhyped B-movie about...Snakes on a plane. Did not deserve the attention it got
It was fun to watch, but that's about it
Two Stars!

The Wicker Man

Stupid, stupid version of the classic Edward Woodward movie. Nicholas Cage can do better.
One star!

The Guardian

Fun but slight adventure story of Coast Guard rescue swimmers.
A good fit for Kevin Costner though, who seems born to play this kind of role. Three stars

The Prestige

Excellent movie about dueling magicians and the consequences for those around them.
The ending was ambigous and thought-provoking.
Four stars


Not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but quite over-rated in my opinion.
I'm glad the chicken seemed to make it though.
Two stars

Stranger than Fiction

Quirky comedy about a man who's literally at the mercy of an author who likes to kill her characters
Three stars

Casino Royale

Bond is back in a big way in this amazing reboot of the franchise.
An awesome movie, and a great start for new Bond Daniel Craig
Four stars