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stormfront03Storm Front (Dresden Files 1) by Jim Butcher. 
Harry Dresden is a wizard who advertises in the phone book, and works as a part-time consultant for the Chicago Police Department. He helps the cops on any cases involving inexplicable phenomenon. Humankind is unaware of the supernaturals (vampires, werewolves, demons, fairies) infesting the world, and most people think he's a fake. Karin Murphy, a tough lieutenant and possible love interest, knows how to suspend her disbelief.

In this book, a sorcerer draws upon the powers of spring thunderstorms to murder people. Dresden is pulled in on Murphy's investigation at the same time that a sweet little lady hires him to find her missing husband. The two cases get connected in a clever way.

Dresden's complicated past, including probationary status with a forboding White Council, is nicely hinted at. Written in first-person, he comes across vividly: unlucky in love, drives a wreck, is always broke, and even owns a big uppity cat named "Mister." Plus all technological gadgets break down around his wizardly presence. This book delivers a lot of humor and suspense. You care about the hero, and the dangers that threaten him have a3starGood05 satisfying believability. Highly recommended. You can find it on Amazon through the following link: