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Colorado - The high mountains of Colorado is a perfect hunting ground for Kitty and her kind. Find out in the great werewolf series by Carrie Vaughn!





Montana - Richelle Mead takes her vampires to school in this young adult series set in a mysterious academy in Montana.


Nevada - What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas. You’ll be glad it does when Joanne Archer hits town! Dark urban fantasy with a touch of romance. Author Vicki Pettersson’s snazzy website is here!



Washington - Space Needle...check. Fish Market...check. Seductive shape-shifting demon...checkmate! Richelle Mead pulls out all the stops in this sexy series.



Visit Richelle Mead’s blog here!

This is one mechanic you don’t want to mess with. Mercy Thompson can fix your car and rip out your throat...she’s a werewolf with some supernatural friends and some even more dangerous enemies. A fun series written by Patricia Briggs. And check out the tattoo on the lady’s back in Book 3!




The fae, witches, vampires, and the like inhabit an alternate Seattle where the Otherworld Intelligence Agency (OIA) is just as incompetent as that other intelligence agency with three initials. But with Camille D’Artigo and her two witchy sisters on the case, you know there’s going to be magic in the air. An interesting blending of Anita Blake and Charmed! Visit Yasmine’s blog at!