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Perfect Circle by Sean Stewart

Our Houston hero sees dead people, a dubious gift not shared by the rest of his redneck Texas family. Ghosts and ghost paths into the past appear to him in black-and-white.

He's broke and between demeaning minimum-wage jobs. His ex-wife with whom he's still in love is (mostly) happily married to a macho guy who despises him, and his daughter (of whom they have full custody) is on the brink of adolescence and getting bored with his visits and low-budget outings.

Then a distant cousin pays him to exorcise a ghost from the man's garage. This leads to a supernatural disaster with far-reaching consequences for our hero. The book follows him into a potential downward spiral towards insanity and murder. At the same time, his family is rendered with pitch-perfect Texas realism, and they are hilarious. He's not too bad himself with his wry asides about his slacker life. A clear and fluidly written contemporary fantasy.