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New York - What better place for a hot demoness than a strip club in New York City? Jackie Kesslerís Jezebel is on the run from Hell, but a love affair may end up opening the door to the Underworld in this hot series debut.



New York - A dark fantasy series with a touch more sophistication and historical flavor, Donna Boydís series does for werewolves what Anne Rice did for vampires. This is a series you donít want to miss! Book 1 is set in New York, but Book 2 (The Promise) takes place in Alaska.



New York - This series turns Buffy on its head...the vampires are the good guys, and the vampire thatís doing the slaying is male! Wrath and his brothers are the anti-heroes in the well-reviewed series set in New York






New York - What draws a werewolf from his home in Ireland to the Big Apple. Why, a werefox of course! Cassidy is an anthropologist with a secret of her own to keep, and only Sullivan Quinn can protect her and other members of ďThe OthersĒ from a shadowy group. Supernatural suspense from author Christine Warren. Other books in the series involve the Fae, some demons and of course more sexy werewolves.