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The Dark Tower - The Gunslinger Born - Issue 7

Summary - In the seventh and final issue of the Dark Tower series, Eldred Jonas captures Susan Delgado and takes possesion of the seeing crystal. Roland and his friends spring their trap for the Big Coffin Hunters and Farson’s men at the oil refinery, and Susan’s aunt, under the spell of the witch, condemns her niece to a horrible fate.

Story - Issue seven brings the first story of Roland to an end. Susan Delgado is captured by Eldred Jonas and sent to town. Roland and his friends ride out to meet Eldred Jonas and the Big Coffin Hunters. The ka-tet’s skill with the slingshot and the guns make short work out of the Coffin Hunters and Jonas, and Roland gets hold of the seeing crystal. Meanwhile, the witch hypnotizes Susan’s aunt and puts in her mind a terrible idea. Roland takes a machine gun they’ve found with the Big Coffin Hunters to the oil fields, where they ambush John Farson’s men and induce them to follow into the canyon, where the thinny, a horrible monster, takes them all. In town, Susan’s aunt has convinced the town’s people that the only way to stop the murders and violence is to sacrifice someone to the Charyou tree, a dark ritual burning. That someone is Susan, and in the last pages, Roland looks into the seeing crystal and watches Susan declare her love for him even as she is consumed by the flames of the Charyou tree.

Art - The art for the seventh issue of the Dark Tower is of course stunning. The cover has an amazing blue color on it, and the pages within are suffused with blues and yellows. As I stated before, there’s so much detail in everyone’s face, and some of the paintings actually stretch across two pages, which makes for a wide flexible canvas.

Extras - Just one extra, the second part of an essay on a dark tradition in Mid-World, the Charyou Tree, a place of human sacrifice that became all too common in the world’s early eras. There’s also two pages of non-inked pencil art from the final issue.

The Details - 36 pages of story. 9 pages of extras. 3 ad pages

Story - Excellent story. It came to a sad but expected ending. 4 stars
Art - The art is spectacular throughout the entire series. 5 stars
Extras - Great extras that really give you a feel for the world. 4 stars
Overall - A wonderful if sad concluding issue in the series. 5 stars
Overall Series - A compelling introduction to the Dark Tower, with fantastic art and compelling storylines. If you’re a fan, you won’t want to miss it. 5 stars