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dktgb_5Dark Tower Comic Books Series - Issue 5

The fifth issue of the Dark Tower - The Gunslinger Born starts with Susan Delgado running away from her home after the Mayor has assaulted her. She encounters Roland, who has followed her from the house, and they end up sleeping together. He wakes later to find her ready to cut herself, and he surmises that she’s had a spell put on her by the Witch, He hypnotizes her to make sure, but she can’t see anything past a certain point in the encounter. Unfortunately, the witch sees what happens through her crystal ball, and dispatches her familiar with a message to the Mayor.

Meanwhile, Susan and Roland go to the Citgo fields and find barrels of oil stored up. Roland thinks that Farson has stored the oil to power ancient war machines to destroy his enemies once and for all. He meets back up with Bert and Alain, who do not trust Susan, and they go off to their bunkhouse.

The Mayor has received the message and sends the Big Coffin Hunters to guard the oil in the fields. The ka-tet reach their bunkhouse only to find their belongings destroyed and even worse, their carrier pigeons dead. They now have no way to communicate back with their homeland. Bert becomes frustrated at Roland’s inaction and leaves.

Marten Broadcloak returns and orders his men to deliver the oil and kill the ka-tet. Bert notices he’s lost his good luck charm, but unfortunately Farson has found it and knows that the gunslingers know about the oil, and intends to do something about it.

The book then has a continuation of “The Laughing Mirror” story that was begun in Issue 5. We then get a selection of the original pencils for the issue from Jae Lee, the final part of Stephen King’s panel at the New York Comic Con, and then Part III of “The Laughing Mirror”. The book ends with a picture of the cover for Issue 6

The comic was artistically right up there with the others. The story, I think, dragged a little bit, since they are now in the process of setting up the climax of the story. Still, the art is fantastic, as usual, and it seems like we are building up for a big ending.