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Anita Blake Comic Books Series - The First Death

Summary - Anita Blake continues to investigate the child murders, but must deal with a deadly bounty hunter and a nest of vampires.

Story - The story continues where the first issue left off. A mass grave of vampire victims has been discovered, and the young vampire associated with it, a dancer from Guilty Pleasures, is involved. However, there’s someone else who’s interested in the case: Edward the bounty hunter.
This second issues finishes the short story and serves as an introduction to the Anita Blake hardback edition, which is now in the stores. It gives the reader some background as to how she met Jean Claude, the vampire in charge of the Guilty Pleasures club, and how her relationship developed with Edward, the infamous bounty hunter who is prevalent in almost all of the Anita Blake novels. Overall, a good story here.

Art - The art for “The First Death” Part II is done in the same style as Part I, and it suits the story well. There are some panels that are sort of gory, but the style of the art sort of minimizes the effect. Again, the cover is a little deceptive, the characters look a little bit different inside the book than they do on the cover, but the difference isn’t as much as it was in the first issue. She only wears one funky t-shirt though.

Extras - No extras, just a one-page tease for the next issue of the Anita Blake comic book. We do get a nice looking ad for the Anita Blake Guilty Pleasures Graphic Novel hardback (I’m still working on that review for Snortyville!) and an ad for the next Meredith Gentry book.

The Details - 36 pages of story. One intro page. 3 ad pages

    Story - Good for someone who’s never read Anita Blake. Just OK for fans. 3 stars
    Art - Good art, but nothing spectacular. Good job with both Anita and Jean-Claude. 3 stars
    Extras - Nothing to speak of. A nice ad for the next Anita Blake comic. 1 star
    Overall - A good intro story to one of paranormals best characters. 3 stars