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dktgb_2Dark Tower Comic Books Series - Issue 2

Issue 2 picks up right where Issue 1 left off, with Steven Deschain confronting his son Roland.  Roland believes that his father does not know about Marten and his wife, but it turns out he’s known for a long time. He also knows that Marten will kill Roland if he confronts him, so he decides to send Roland on a mission to find out if any of the Horseman’s Association is in league with John Farson, who is tied up with Marten Broadcloak.

In the meantime, Marten is in communication with the hideous creature known as The Crimson King, a half-man, half-spider entity.  The Crimson King is moving to destroy the house of Deschain, because it believes the son, Roland, is the one prophesied to end its reign. When guardsmen burst in to arrest Marten, he turns them into pugs! He then draws a door in the wall and leaves the castle (and the story).

Roland, along with his friends Alain and Cuthbert, are about to go on their mission under secret identities. They reach the town of Hambry and meet up with an old man who claimed to be a failed gunslinger. Roland presses him for information and finds out that the person they came to find is dead, and that Hambry’s new deputies, the Big Coffin Hunters, are to blame.

The Big Coffin Hunters are on their own mission, to deliver a crystal ball to the Witch Woman of the Coos. The crystal ball allows the witch to see into the future, and has been sent to her by the Crimson King via Marten Broadcloak. The witch then has a visitor, Susan Delgado, daughter of the now dead Pat Delgado (the person Roland was supposed to meet). She is to be checked by the witch to determine if she is still a virgin, in order for her to bear the Mayor’s son. However, before Susan leaves, the witch hypnotizes Susan and tells her one last thing...

At the end of the book, Susan is running away from the witch, and is found by Roland Deschain.

The issue, like the first one, is extremely well written and looks fabulous as well. The art is up to Jae Lee’s high standards, and the story is very engaging. After the main story has ended, we get an essay on the crystal balls that the Crimson King is using (Maerlyn’s Rainbow). We then see a map of the Barony of Mejis, which is where Hambly and the witch’s hideout is. Then we get a well-done sketchbook of the comic pages before coloring, which shows the amazing amount of detail in the art. Finally, there’s an open letter by Stephen King, then a three page preview of the next issue. A great followup to Issue 1, and it makes you even more eager for Issue 3.