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abvh_103Anita Blake Comic Books Series - The First Death

Summary - Anita Blake is called in to investigate the murder of a child found in a field, the throat ripped out by some unknown assailant.

Story - The story details the first meeting of Anita Blake and Jean Claude, the master vampire that runs Guilty Pleasures, which is of course the first book in Hamiltonís Anita Blake series. In this issue, Anita is brought in to investigate the murder, and discovers that someone associated with Guilty Pleasures may have been behind the murder and others that have occurred. It moves along at a quick pace and there is enough story here to get people interested in the character if they havenít read the books yet. For people that have read the books though, it may not be as interesting. You donít get the background behind the character and the whole rationale behind the vampire hunter that you get in the books. Even so, if youíre into Anita Blake and always wondered what she was like before Guilty Pleasures, this is your book.

Art - The art for ďThe First DeathĒ is well-done, and it suits the story well. It is not on the same level as the art for The Dark Tower though, the lines are not as well-defined and the drawings donít leap off the page like Jae Leeís art does. However, it does give you an interesting perspective on both Anita Blake and Jean Claude. The characters on the cover though, they are not quite what both characters look like in the book. She looks very normal in the book, while the cover makes her look like an elf of some sort. So donít go in expecting Anita to look like that all the time. She does, however, wear some of the funky T-shirts that are on the front and back covers.

Extras - No extras, not even a tease for the next issue. We do get a nice looking ad for the Anita Blake Guilty Pleasures Graphic Novel hardback (soon to be reviewed on Snortyville!) plus an ad for the next Meredith Gentry book, and a page from the comic creators and a short interview with Anita Blakeís husband!

The Details - 36 pages of story. One creatorís page. One interview page. 2 ad pages

    Story - Good for someone whoís never read Anita Blake. Just OK for fans. 3 stars
    Art - Good art, but nothing spectacular. Good job with both Anita and Jean-Claude. 3 stars
    Extras - Nothing to speak of. A tease for the next issue would have been nice. 1 star
    Overall - A good intro to an interesting character. 3 stars