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Islands In The Net by Bruce Sterling

In the year 2023, Laura and David run an inn in Galveston for the global corporation Rizome to which they owe political allegiance. The book opens when they host a meeting of three groups of ďdata piratesĒ whom Rizome hopes to persuade to go legitimate and work with each other.

The groups (Europe, Grenada, and Singapore) are at each otherís throats. Then someone assassinates the Grenada leader, which makes Rizome look real bad. Laura and David feel compelled to go to Grenada with their baby to investigate. They witness a coup, and then Laura goes on alone to Singapore to continue the investigation. 

The Singapore section really picks up: a surrealistic revolution happens. Chapter 8 alone involves rioting in the streets, marching upon a prison with an enthusiastic Sikh crowd, making speeches, getting arrested, getting evacuated, winding up on a refugee ship filled with fleeing data pirates, surviving the exploding of the ship, and getting fished out of the water by post-Soviet spies in an outlawed nuclear submarine.  Thatís just in Chapter 8!

Throughout, Sterling handles the different accents beautifully, keeps suspense wound tight,  and showcases a great sense of humor.  Recommended!

You can find Islands in the Net on through this link:3starGood21


Islands in the Net