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Ill Wind (Weather Warden Book 1) by Rachel Caine

Joanne is a Weather Warden, one of a secret guild that can control the weather and is dedicated to preventing Mother Nature from wiping us out with storms, tornados, earthquakes, and hurricanes.  The exciting and special thing here is that the author has a thorough grip on the science of air molecules, storm fronts, magnetic polarities, and other meterology technical terms, and she uses the science fluidly and impressively to make events feel real. 

The book opens with Joanne running for her life from all the Wardens:  she’s just killed one of their senior honchos, and is prevented by magic from confessing that it was self-defense because he just infected her with a “demon mark.” Now she needs to find her ex-lover Lewis who is the only Warden powerful enough to help her.

He himself is on the run from the Wardens because he has stolen and liberated three djinn who are the fire-spirits used as slaves by the Wardens to do big stuff.  Joanne hits the road in a cross-country trip, and acquires a sexy traveling companion in David who turns out to be a djinn himself. Lots of fun plot twists, and well-written. 3starGood23