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Ilium by Dan Simmons

A fabulous adventure, set in the far-distant future with three story lines.  First, there’s Hockenberry, a scholar who (with the help of high-tech tools) travels through time and space to observe the actual Trojan War and report upon it to the “gods” in Olympos. Unknown to him, the “gods” are really “post-humans” who have evolved beyond humanity and have terraformed Mars, which he knows as Olympos.

Second, there’s two literature-loving robots, Mahnmut and Orphu who travel from Jupiter space to Mars on a mission to investigate the post-humans’ dangerous experiments with wormhole physics, which threatens the solar system.

Third, a few curious humans turn away from the ignorant, decadent, machine-dependent society of Earth and began piecing together clues about the post-humans who have created their coddled environment.

Rich, complex, and funny.  The sequel Olympos is not as good3starGood24.