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Hammered (Jenny Casey Book 1) by Elizabeth Bear

Intriguing story set 100 years in the future:  our 50 year-old Iroquois-Quebecoise heroine is a special forces veteran who now scratches out a living as a mechanic. Decades ago she was so gravely wounded in combat that she lost her left arm and left eye, and had to be fitted out with cybernetic prosthetics.  These prosthetics, plus a cybernetically-enhanced nervous system that permits lightning-fast reflexes, are now degrading to the point where she lives in constant pain and is sliding towards death. 

Then she’s recruited by a shadowy organization that will save her life with upgrades provided that she sign on as a pilot in their top-secret space program. Meanwhile, there is a drug war and a murder mystery involving her psychopath older sister who, at 57 (!), is a professional assassin. Complicated and fast-moving.