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Inside The Box: Dungeon Twister - The “Eurogame” is all the rage these days, and not just historical topics are getting the treatment. These days, fantasy and science fiction are also getting some attention. Ever since the days of “Talisman”, people have been looking for a quick and easy game to get into, where their hero can do great things in a couple of hours. One of the games that hopes to take the crown is a boardgame called “Dungeon Twister”. Quick, easy to get into, and fun to play if a little bit obtuse in terms of rules, this game may just occupy a night or two or more! Click the link to see if you like what’s “Inside the Box”!

Inside The Box: Axis and Allies Minis - I recently bought a starter set of Axis and Allies Miniatures. Note, these minis have nothing to do with the original Axis and Allies game other than being about WWII. They are high quality, pre painted miniatures. The game itself is simple to pick up, and would be fine for anyone 13 and older. That said, it does fit into the “collectable” category, so it may be difficult to collect just the piece you’re looking for. Your best bet is Ebay if you simply must have a certain figure. The starter set was $16.00, the booster pack was $10.00. Definitely something to get into if you’re not too serious about your gaming, and just want some nice figures to put on your gaming shelf. Click the link to see what came “Inside the Box”!