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The Enchantments Of Flesh And Spirit by Storm Constantine

The Enchantments of Flesh and Spirit is now published as Part One in Wraeththu by Storm Constantine. In a post-apocalyptic future, civilization has been swept away in favor of a generically-described desert.  The lovely boy Pellaz is languishing on his parentsí boring farm when the alluring stranger Cal stays for a night and talks Pellaz into running away with him.  Pellaz finds out that Cal is one of the Wraeththu, a psychic and androgynously beautiful super-species that has evolved from humankind. 

When they reach the nearest Wraeththu settlement, Pellaz undergoes a ritual infection from a sinister high priest Thiede, and becomes a Wraeththu, too! He sets off again with Cal who wants to find a mysterious ďZionĒ-like Wraeththu city. Along the way, he will encounter murder, chaos, plotting, teleportation, overwrought sex scenes, and near-death experiences! 

This is the authorís first book, published when she was 31 in 1987, and itís her most successful work, having stuck around in the U.S. while long out of print in her native Britain. There are sequels, but be warned:  this entertaining book is an exceedingly rich piece of candy! .3starGood35