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Elsewhere - Anything can happen here, and everything does. Anytime a book doesnít set itself in a real location, it comes here.

A sexy male witch guards Mira Hoskins from a dark coven with designs on her powers. But theyíre not the only ones drawn to Mira in this romantic paranormal thatís got a hot book cover and an even hotter book trailer. Check out erotic authorís Anya Bastís site here!



So hereís one for the ladies...check out the hot guy on the covers of Nalina Singhís Psy-Changelings series! But donít just buy it for the covers, this series has been very well reviewed, and has drawn praise for its complex world-building, especially the interactions between a shape-changer race and a psychic, Vulcan type race. But what about that tattoo on the back of the guy in Book 2?





Cassandra Palmer is a master clairvoyant who sees not only ghosts, but other supernatural beings as well. And, she was raised by vampires! But when she left the vampire mafia, she opened herself up to a new set of problems, not the least of which is a dangerously seductive member of the vampire senate, whom sheís depending on for protection from things even darker. A great series by Karen Chance, with a new book due out in 2008! See Karenís great website here, and get a glance at the cover of her next Cassandra Palmer novel!