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What you get:
RuleBook: 16 pages. Lots of examples inside. The rules are written fairly clearly, but there are still some questions on certain points which should have been explained more clearly.
Dungeon Tiles (8): Nice thick cardboard. Clear graphics, modular in design so that any tile can be located anywhere on the board and still fit.
Player Figures (16): Each player gets 8 stand-up figures representing his or her characters. Stand-up figures come in blue or orange, and fit into clear plastic bases.
Tokens (28): Each player gets 8 round character tokens and 6 round object tokens in blue and orange colors
Cards (32): Each player gets 16 cards. Each set contains 9 combat cards, 3 jump cards and 4 action cards
Reference screens (2): Each player gets one reference screen with game tables and other information.
Starting Lines (2): Each player gets one starting line where his or her characters start the game from.
Markers (~24): Various markers denoting actions carried out during play and broken and open doors on the dungeon tiles.