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Dead Witch Walking, the Hollows series Book 1 by Kim Harrison

Rachel is a witch employed as a bounty-hunter of supernaturals who commit minor crimes.  She impulsively leaves her crappy job to start a detective agency with the enigmatic and scary vampire Ivy.  However, her former employer puts a contract out on her life.  The only way she can pay it off is to get evidence on the illegal doings of a ruthless tycoon.

Along the way she acquires a magic-using human boyfriend, and negotiates the perils of living with a vampire with a secret agenda.  She also learns a lot about pixie clan wars and different types of witchcraft.  Written in tough-talking and often hilarious first-person, Rachelís story is a non-stop sequence of funny, klutzy, impulsive, suspenseful, and believable scenes.4starExcellent14