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The Dresden Files Concordance

The Dresden Files is a new series on the Sci-Fi Channel. Based on the best-selling series by Jim Butcher, it tells of Chicagoís only practicing wizard, Harry Dresden, and his adventures in the dark, supernatural underbelly of the city.

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Click on a character name to learn about him or her (or it) as they relate to the Dresden Files books. Be careful (just like Harry), there are spoilers in some of the descriptions. In some cases, the character is also part of the TV show, thatís noted in the description. SF stands for Storm Front (Book 1), while FM stands for Fool Moon (Book 2). More entries on the way!!!


Harry Dresden

Chicago's only practicing wizard who's listed in the phone book. When the police have a case that has hints of the supernatural, they come to Harry Dresden. The Dresden Files, Jim Butcher's nine book series (and counting), relates Harry's thrilling adventures in an easy to read and fun style that has made him one of the most successful writers in the supernatural mystery genre. The Sci-Fi channel has just ordered 11 episodes of "The Dresden Files" a series based on the books, which is showing now on Sundays before Battlestar Galactica.

Karrin Murphy

Harry Dresden's friend on the Chicago police force. She's the one who goes to Harry when the cases take a strange (as in supernatural) twist. She's tough, but is very open-minded and is willing to let a lot pass where Harry's concerned.

Detective Carmichael

Karrin Murphy's partner. Killed in FM

Jennifer Stanton

Tommy Tomm's girlfriend, killed in SF.


Powerful vampiress in Chicago. Runs a high-class brothel called The Velvet Room

Tommy Tomm

Johnny Marcone's bodyguard

Johnny Marcone

One of Chicago's top gangsters. His influences are felt throughout all of the books. He desperately wants to retain
Harry's services, and is willing to go a long ways to get them.

Mr. Hendricks

A very large man, one of Johnny Marcone's bodyguards

Monica Sells

A woman who comes to Harry for help in finding her husband, Victor Sells. Jennifer Stanton's big sister.

Victor Sells

Monica Sells' husband. Starts dabbling in black magic. Makes the ThreeEye drug and makes Monica Sells take it. Gets involved with the Becketts to take revenge on Johnny Marcone. Killed in SF


Proprietor of the McAnally's Pub

Susan Rodriguez

Reporter for the Chicago Arcane, which covers supernatural occurences in the Midwest. Becomes Harry's girlfriend in later books.


One of the first people we meet in SF, bring Harry some mail, makes fun of Harry's profession


Warden of the White Council, assigned to Harry Dresden.

Linda Randall

Friend of Jennifer Stanton while working for Bianca. Works as a driver for Mr and Mrs Beckitt. Killed in SF


Bianca's personal assistant


Gate guard at the Velvet Room.

Mr/Mrs Beckitt

Couple who is looking for a way to take revenge on Johnny Marcone for killing their daughter. Enlists Victor Sells to help

Jenny Sells

Daughter of Victor and Monica Sells

Billy Sells

Son of Victor and Monica Sells

Donny Wise

Photographer who took pictures of Victor Sells for Linda Randall.


One of Johnny Marcone's bodyguards. Killed in FM by a werewolf.

Kim Delaney

Young kid who falls in with the werewolves in FM. Killed by one


A spirit of air that lives in a skull in Harry Dresden's basement. Performs the equivalent function of a computer for Harry, since he is unable to be around complicated electronics for very long. In the TV series, Bob is an actual person.


Harry Dresden's very large and faithful cat