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The Dresden Files Concordance

The Dresden Files is a new series on the Sci-Fi Channel. Based on the best-selling series by Jim Butcher, it tells of Chicago’s only practicing wizard, Harry Dresden, and his adventures in the dark, supernatural underbelly of the city.

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Book 1 - Storm Front - A gruesome double murder occurs under mysterious circumstances. The Chicago police have only one person to turn to ... Harry Dresden, the only wizard listed in the phone book and the only person who can help crack the case. But when a alluring reporter, a mage dabbling in the black arts and a femme fatale are involved, Harry finds out that being on the side of good sometimes is just enough to get you killed. See book review of Storm Front.

Book 2 - Fool Moon - A series of murders seemingly committed by a roving pack of werewolves brings Harry out on the case. But when the local crime boss gets involved, along with a seductive woman who just happens to be a shapeshifter and the partner of the biggest, baddest werewolf of al l... Harry has to solve the case before even more people get killed, including himself!

Book 3 - Grave Peril - Ghosts everywhere are making trouble for everyone in town, including Chicago’s only practicing wizard, Harry Dresden. But when his godmother from the Nevernever wants to make mincemeat of Harry, along with a mysterious assailant who’s attacking all of Harry’s friends, it’s up to Harry and his knightly friend Micheal to save the world and his girlfriend from evil yet again.  See book review of Grave Peril.

Book 4 - Summer Knight - Harry’s girlfriend’s a vampire, and not only that, Queen Mab of the Faerie Winter Court has him in her debt. Couple that with the meddling White Council of wizards who are eager to bring back Harry to their fold (dead or alive), and it’s no surprise that he has to make a deal with the Faerie Queen herself to make it out of this one alive. See book review of Summer Knight.

Book 5 - Death Masks - The wizards and vampires are at war, and Harry’s caught in the middle (again). Not only that, but he now has to play Indiana Jones and bring back The Shroud of Turin(!). Rest assured, all of Harry’s friends and many enemies, including his half-vampire girlfriend and the Knights of the Cross, are playing a big part as well.  See book review of Death Masks.

Book 6 - Blood Rites - Vampires from all sides are after Harry in Blood Rites. On the set of an adult film, people are dying mysteriously, and a vampire on Harry’s side wants him on the case. Harry goes on the set to investigate, but finds himself in the center of a magical war that won’t stop until someone’s dead (or undead, as the case may be). And it may just be Harry Dresden. See book review of Blood Rites.

Book 7 - Dead Beat - Harry’s roommate’s a vampire, and he has someone out to get him. When Harry’s police officer friend Karin Murphy is threatened, he’s forced to find an ancient artifact with the power to control ancient spirits far beyond anything he’s dealt with before. Can Harry beat the odds and battle not only the forces arrayed against him, but his own conscience as well? See book review of Dead Beat.

Book 8 - Proven Guilty - Creatures who feed on fear attack (where else?) a horror film convention, bringing Harry out on the case. But when the White Council and the vampire Red Court are in on everything, then it’s up to Harry to solve the case and take care of an apprentice who is the last person on earth that Harry wants to be responsible for. 

Book 9 - White Night.