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INDEX OF ALL BOOK REVIEWS fiveagesoftheuniverse
[F] = Fantasy, [NF] = Nonfiction, [SF] = Science Fiction

We are not literature professors.  We are among the harried working moms, waitresses, mechanics, tech support people, cops, and bus drivers who love books yet don't have money to spend without first reading a review.  Click any title below for a dependable review.

Adams, Fred C. The Five Ages Of The Universe [NF]
Adler, Joseph. Baseball Hacks [NF]
Armstrong, Kelley. Bitten [F]
Bear, Elizabeth. Hammered [SF]
Bear, Elizabeth. Scardown [SF]
Begelman, Mitchell.  Turn Right At Orion [NF]
Briggs, Patricia.  Moon Called [F]
Butcher, Jim.  Blood Rites [F]
Butcher, Jim.  Dead Beat [F]
Butcher, Jim.  Death Masks [F]
Butcher, Jim.  Grave Peril [F]
Butcher, Jim.  Storm  Front [F]
Butcher, Jim.  Summer Knight [F]
Caine, Rachel. Chill Factor [F]
Caine, Rachel. Heat Stroke [F]
Caine, Rachel. Ill Wind [F]
Constantine, Storm.  Enchantments Of Flesh And Spirit [F]
Dexler, Eric.  Engines Of Creation [NF]
Golden, Christopher. The Myth Hunters [F]
Goonan, Katherine. Queen City Jazz [SF]
Hamill, Pete.  Snow in August [F]  
Harrison, Kim. Dead Witch Walking [F]
Harrison, Kim. A Fistful Of Charms [F]
Hobb, Robin. Shaman’s Crossing [F]
Hoffman, Nina Kiriki.  A Fistful Of Sky [F]
Kirstein, Rosemary.  The Steerswoman’s Road [F]
King, Stephen. Cell [SF]
Kusher, David. Masters of Doom
Marusek, David.  Counting Heads [SF] 
McDonald, Ian. River Of Gods [SF]
McGuire, Bill. Apocalypse [NF] 
Mieville, China. Perdido Street Station [F] 
Mieville, China. The Scar [F]  
Niles, Douglas.  War Of The Worlds: New Millenium [SF]
Nix, Garth.  Sabriel [F]
Novik, Naomi.  Black Powder War [F]
Novik, Naomi.  Throne Of Jade [F]
Park, Paul.  A Princess Of Roumania [F]
Park, Paul.  The Tourmaline [F]
Reynolds, Alastair.  Century Rain [SF]
Robinson, Frank. The Dark Beyond The Stars [SF]
Rowling, J. K. Harry Potter & The Half-Blood Prince [F]
Rydill, Jessica. Children Of The Shaman [F]
Simmons, Dan.  Ilium [SF]
Sterling, Bruce. Heavy Weather [SF] 
Sterling, Bruce. Islands In The Net [SF]
Stewart, Sean. Perfect Circle [F]
Westerfeld, Scott. Midnighters The Secret Hour [F]
Westerfeld, Scott. Midnighters Touching Darkness [F]
Williams, Liz. Nine Layers Of Sky [F]
Williams, Sean.  The Crooked Letter [F]
Wilson, Robert Charles.  Blind Lake [SF]
Wilson, Robert Charles.  Bridge Of Years [SF]
Wilson, Robert Charles.  Gypsies [F]
Wilson, Robert Charles.  Memory Wire [SF]
Winchester, Simon. Krakatoa [NF]

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